In order to see a licensed therapist today, you have to be diagnosed with a \"mental disorder\". This is the law. The licensed therapist who fails to diagnose you with a mental health disorder can lose their license. What most people don\'t know is:

  • Once a disorder is on your record, it\'s there for the rest of your life.
  • People have been denied job opportunities because of a mental health diagnosis that they received years earlier.
  • We tend to become that which we label our selves.
  • The most common Mental Health Disorders have a corresponding psychotropic drug. This is a billion dollar industry.

Transformation Codes


A transformation is a turning point in your life, a shift into a higher state of awareness, ability or consciousness. Here, \"Transformation Codes\" are used in place of \"Diagnostic Codes\", because there\'s nothing \"wrong\" with you.

Thoughts and emotions are frequencies that can run your life. Emotional conditions such as anxiety and depression carry their own unique quantum signatures. Holistic Prosperity Skills such as Optimism, Integrity and Compassion also carry a unique energetic signature or code.

On a quantum level, a Holistic Prosperity Skill is coded light and information. As you develop Holistic Prosperity Skills, you send different frequencies out into the world, attracting new life circumstances and opportunities.

Holistic Prosperity Coach Training

Training to become a helping professional is entirely too expensive. A Master\'s Degree costs $50,000 to $100,000. Online coaching and marketing programs can cost you $50,000 to $100,000 also.

Talented people complete these programs with huge debts to pay off.

The Holistic Prosperity Coach Certification Program is a comprehensive training program. Market Your Genius is an Integrated System for marketing your work. Transform Your Relationship with Money facilitates deep internal healing and transformation.

Together, these three programs can transform your personal, financial and professional life, at a fraction of the investment of other programs.